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As I explained here, I'm currently compiling information about every William Kimber supernatural fiction title that carried a dust jacket designed by Ionicus. The first list below contains every Kimber book that I own. Clicking on any of the books in list one will take you to the individual information page for that particular volume. The second list contains every additional title I'm aware of but don't yet own. Eventually, all of the books in list two will migrate to list one - at least, that's the idea - and then every title will have its own bibliographical information page. Both lists are arranged according to publication date.

Titles with their own information pages:
Staircase to the Sea, James Turner, 1974.
The Way Shadows Fall, James Turner, 1975.
Where Phantoms Stir, Mary Williams, 1976.
Stories of the Night, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1976.
Stories of the Macabre, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1976.
Unseen Footsteps, Mary Williams, 1977.
Undesirable Properties, ed. Peter C. Smith, 1977.
Where No Birds Sing, Mary Williams, 1978.
The Cradle Demon, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1978.
Doomed to the Night, ed. R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1978.
Shadows at Midnight, L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims, 1979.
Stories of the Supernatural, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1979.
Half in Shadow, Mary Elizabeth Counselman, 1980.
Ghostly Carnival, Mary Williams, 1980.
Haunted Shores, ed. Peter C. Smith, 1980.
Cornish Ghost Stories, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1981.
Tales of Darkness, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1981.
Ghosts in Country Houses, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1981.
Shades of Dracula, ed. Peter Haining, 1982.
Greasepaint and Ghosts, ed. Peter Haining, 1982.
Tales from Beyond, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1982.
Nightcaps and Nightmares, ed. Peter Haining, 1983.
Tales from the Other Side, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1983.
Stories of Haunted Inns, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1983.
Christmas Spirits, ed. Peter Haining, 1983.
Seven Ghosts in Search, Fred Urquhart, 1983.
A Quiver of Ghosts, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1984.
Ghost Tour, ed. Peter Haining, 1984.
Shadows End, Barbara Whitehead, 1984.
Haunted Travellers, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1985.
Tune in for Fear, ed. Peter Haining, 1985.
Ghosts from the Mist of Time, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1985.
After Midnight Stories, ed. Amy Myers, 1985.
The Ghost Ship, ed. Peter Haining, 1985
The King’s Ghost, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1985.
Supernatural Sleuths, ed. Peter Haining, 1986.
Tales from the Shadows, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1986.
The Second Book of After Midnight Stories, ed. Amy Myers, 1986.
Tales from the Haunted House, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1986.
The Haunted Garden, Mary Williams, 1986.
Haunted Waters, Mary Williams, 1987.
The Third Book of After Midnight Stories, ed. Amy Myers, 1987.
The House of Dracula, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1987.
Tales from the Hidden World, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1988.
The Fourth Book of After Midnight Stories, ed. Amy Myers, 1988.
The Haunted Grange, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1988.

Titles awaiting additional information:
The Dark Land, Mary Williams, 1975.
Chill Company, Mary Williams, 1976.
They Walk at Twilight, Mary Williams, 1977.
The Haunted Valley, Mary Williams, 1978.
Whisper in the Night, Mary Williams, 1979.
Stories of Fear, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1980.
When Churchyards Yawn, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1982.
Ghosts in Country Villages, ed. Denys Val Baker, 1983.
Tales from the Dark Lands, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1984.
Hallowe'en Hauntings, ed. Peter Haining, 1984.
Dracula's Children, R. Chetwynd-Hayes, 1986.

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  1. I had no idea there were so many titles in this series! Haven't got a single one unfortunately.