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Writers of Supernatural Fiction:
Titles marked with an asterisk are texts available for reading online.

Arlen, Michael:
May Fair ~ Michael Arlen

Baker, William:
A College Mystery ~ A. P. Baker

Baldwin, Mrs Alfred (Louisa):
The Real and the Counterfeit ~ Mrs Alfred Baldwin*
The Shadow on the Blind ~ Mrs Alfred Baldwin

Baring-Gould, Sabine:
A Book of Ghosts ~ Sabine Baring-Gould
A Letter from the Literary Squarson
Margery of Quether & Other Weird Tales ~ S. Baring-Gould
S. Baring-Gould Alleges That He Is Not Dead

Beale, Charles Willing:
Five Victorian Ghost Novels

Benson, Edward Frederic:
The Room in the Tower & Other Stories ~ E. F. Benson
The Room in the Tower & Other Stories ~ E. F. Benson (Part 2)

Black, William:
A Hallowe'en Wraith ~ William Black*

Boston, Joseph Noel Thomas:
Yesterday Knocks ~ Noel Boston

Boston, Lucy Maria:
Curfew & Other Eerie Tales ~ Lucy M. Boston

Broster, Dorothy Kathleen:
A Fire of Driftwood ~ D. K. Broster
Couching at the Door ~ D. K. Broster

Bushnell, George Herbert:
A Handful of Ghosts ~ George H. Bushnell

Caldecott, Sir Andrew:
Not Exactly Ghosts ~ Andrew Caldecott
Fires Burn Blue ~ Andrew Caldecott

Chetwynd-Hayes, Ronald Henry Glynn:
Ghosts from the Mist of Time ~ R. Chetwynd-Hayes
Phantoms and Fiends ~ R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Counselman, Mary Elizabeth:
Half in Shadow ~ Mary Elizabeth Counselman

Croker, Bithia Mary:
B. M. Croker ~ A Photographic Portrait
"Number Ninety" and Other Ghost Stories ~ B. M. Croker
"'Number Ninety' ~ B. M. Croker*

Dare, Marcus Paul:
M. P. Dare ~ Antiquary, Writer... and Book Thief
Unholy Relics ~ M. P. Dare

Dickens, Charles:
The Goblins who Stole a Sexton ~ Charles Dickens*

Dickinson, William Croft:
Dark Encounters ~ William Croft Dickinson

Doig, James:
Friends of the Dead ~ James Doig

Doyle, Arthur Conan:
The Story of the Brown Hand ~ Arthur Conan Doyle*

Du Maurier, Daphne:
Not After Midnight ~ Daphne du Maurier
The Apple Tree ~ Daphne du Maurier

Edwards, Amelia Ann Blanford:
Another Past Lodger Relates His Own Ghost Story*
Five Victorian Ghost Novels

Everett, Mrs Henrietta Dorothy:
The Death-Mask and Other Ghosts ~ Mrs H. D. Everett
The Death-Mask ~ Mrs H. D. Everett*

Falconer, Lanoe:
Cecilia de Noël ~ Lanoe Falconer

Flórez, Wenceslao Fernández:
Laugh and the Ghosts Laugh with You

Galbraith, Lettice:
In the Séance Room ~ Lettice Galbraith*
The Blue Room and Other Ghost Stories ~ Lettice Galbraith

Gray, Arthur (Ingulphus):
Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye

Hawthorne, Julian:
Ken's Mystery ~ Julian Hawthorne*

Jackson, Thomas Graham:
Six Ghost Stories ~ T. G. Jackson

James, Montague Rhodes:
A Ghost Story Competition*
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary ~ M. R. James

Jerome, Jerome Klapka:
Told After Supper ~ Jerome K. Jerome

Jessopp, Augustus:
Frivola ~ Augustus Jessopp

Kirk, Russell:
Off the Sand Road ~ Russell Kirk

Landon, Perceval:
Thurnley Abbey ~ Perceval Landon*

Lee, Vernon:
Five Victorian Ghost Novels

Leslie, Shane:
A Ghost in the Isle of Wight ~ Shane Leslie

Malden, Richard Henry:
Nine Ghosts ~ R. H. Malden

Mayor, Flora Macdonald:
The Room Opposite ~ F. M. Mayor

Meinhold, Wilhelm:
Five Victorian Ghost Novels

Mercer, Henry Chapman:
November Night Tales ~ Henry C. Mercer

Munby, Alan Noel Latimer:
The Alabaster Hand ~ A. N. L. Munby

Penn, Mary Elizabeth:
In the Dark and Other Ghost Stories ~ Mary E. Penn

Prevot, Francis Clare:
Ghosties and Ghoulies ~ Francis C. Prevot

Riddell, Charlotte (Mrs J. H.):
A Strange Christmas Game ~ Mrs J. H. Riddell*
Five Victorian Ghost Novels

Scott, Eleanor:
Randalls Round ~ Eleanor Scott

Walpole, Hugh:
All Souls' Night ~ Hugh Walpole

Westall, Robert:
Antique Dust: Ghost Stories by Robert Westall

Wintle, William James:
Can You Explain It? True Stories of the Ghost World*
Ghost Gleams ~ W. J. Wintle

Woodforde, Christopher:
A Pad in the Straw ~ Christopher Woodforde

Young, Francis Brett:
Cold Harbour ~ Francis Brett Young

Art & Book Illustration:

E. Joyce Shillington Scales
Ionicus ~ The William Kimber Covers
Ionicus ~ The William Kimber Covers (Main Index)

Newspaper & Journal Articles/Stories:

A Gruesome Hallowe'en Joke
Ghosts and Their Garments
Here He Lies Where He Longed to Be ~ Winifred Galbraith*
The Dread of the Supernatural
The House-Party ~ E. S. Duffin*
Woman Ghost That Swears

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