Thursday, 30 October 2014

A Gruesome Hallowe'en Joke

Scare a Patchogue Household
New York Times, Friday 2nd of November 1900

PATCHOGUE, L.I., Nov. 1 - When Ira B. Terry awoke this morning and looked out of his window he saw a sight that astonished him. Tombstones were to be seen in every direction. He called his wife, and when she saw what appeared to be a graveyard outside the house she gave a cry of alarm. A number of school teachers board with Mrs. Terry, and they joined in a chorus of screams and ejaculations when they saw the spectacle.

Mr. Terry was inclined to be angry at first, but when he recalled the fact that last night was Halloween, a night devoted to pranks of all kinds, he laughed, and his wife and the young teachers joined in.

Mr. Goldsmith, the owner of the marble yard from which the tombstones had been taken during the night, was not so much inclined to regard the matter in the light of a joke. His men had a busy day carrying back the stock to the yard. He says boys could not have perpetrated the joke, as the work of removing some of the tombstones would have been far too much for their strength.

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